Policies and Procedures

Membership ($60 Annual Membership Fee)

Membership Qualifications:

1. Must have a registered business
2. Members should promote their primary business they signed up for.
3. Cannot be an MLM, or promote an MLM
4. Basic scan of public profiles (social media) for any inappropriate/malicious content within the couple of years.
5. Leadership committee approves applicants.
6. If an applicant has the same business as two other members their application will be denied.

**Guests can visit twice and then have to decide whether to apply for membership
Leadership team – Membership tracking is done by a member volunteer, which includes date joined, added to contact sheet.

New members badges will be ordered 1 month after joining or if there are 5 badges already to go to print. Please note that replacement badges are $20 to replace.

Basic Member Behaviour Guidance Policy

1.Topics of politics and religion to be kept at a minimum, unless required for a presentation. The focus of our group is on business and benefitting fellow members.
2. Members are ambassadors to both the business community and NSBN. Our group does not condone public displays of racism / hate speech, threats and or the shaming of members.
3. Members will treat other members with dignity and respect and adhere to the golden rule, treat others as they would want to be treated.
4. Inappropriate sexual remarks or advances of any kind will not be tolerated and will result in immediate and permanent removal from the group.

Payments Policy

Payments are due at time of the meeting, if you have missed a payment a paypal invoice will be sent and is due when received. You cannot come back to the meeting if the paypal invoice is not paid.
All memberships are paid via paypal.