Why join NSBN?

1. Advertising, sponsorship opportunities and business promotion. By taking advantage of our weekly networking meetings, you will create real business relationships. This will result in more referrals, leads, and clients.

2. Inclusion in our public online directory: Members use our public online directory to help promote their business and help with your websites SEO.

3. Instantly grow your network when you become a member: When you join, you immediately tap into the NSBN business network and you can connect with like business owners, who want to know you, your business, and what they can do to help you succeed.

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NSBN Business Member

  • Inclusion in online directory (see an example listing here),
  • Opportunity to promote your business through our promoted business member presentations,
  • Social Media promotion and advertising.

$60 yearly membership subscription + a-la-carte weekly networking dues. Subscribe to the membership by clicking the button below.