Steve Bridge – Money Coach

Taking the Worry Out of Money

When people meet me and understand what I do, they often compare me to a personal trainer. Everyone knows they have to do weights, cardio, eat well, etc. to get into shape, but do we do it? Some of us, yes, but others need someone to put a plan in place for them, guide them and encourage them to help them achieve our goals. And that is what I do with money.

My role as a coach is to provide my clients with the knowledge, tools and confidence to take control of their finances.

I help people with challenges from the simple to the complex, and in each case, it is a life-changing experience. My clients learn skills that will serve them the rest of their lives and allows them peace of mind they are on the right track to control their finances, not the other way around.

As a fee-only coach and planner, I don’t sell any investments, insurance or other financial products, I am paid for my time and expertise only.

  • Address 2146 Old Dollarton Road
    North Vancouver, BC

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