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Slogan - Soul Re-Cognition: Free yourself from your pastYour gifts, passions and purpose ignited; your ultimate self revealed.


Soul Re-cognition
“Soul Re-cognition”: to bring your souls code into conscious awareness – This process is for those ready and wanting to connect with their most powerful creative faculty. Those ready to tear down the blocks within that prevent us from hearing our own personal  guidance system, our innate  intuition and our sensitive intelligence. Soul re-cognition will help you to resolve negative patterns that prevent you from living the life you dream of.It is for those who are ready to recognize, re-discover, and connect with their inner guidance team; your wise authentic self and your group of archetypes that represent the deepest layers of your nature. The process will elevate your emotional health, physical health, your passion, your talents, your relationships, your potential and your self expression.
NTHP: Neuro Trauma Healing Process

Here, trauma refers to any negative experience or belief (old or new) that we keep re-experiencing in the recesses of our mind. A trauma is an event(s) too difficult or too overwhelming that our brain cannot process it and file it properly and it continues to loop in the central nervous system. The affects of which can be seen manifesting in life as any negative pattern or dis – ease.

NTHP is for those who want to heal and bring trauma; large or small to resolution. It is for those who want to dissolve the blocks that have been holding us back.  Through the gentle, safe and highly effective NTHP  you can access your subconscious mind, bring the trauma into the light and watch it dissipate. Trying to ‘fix it’ from the intellect of the conscious mind will only create anxiety, confusion and frustration as the same unwanted patterns will continue to rear their unwanted heads. By healing on the sub or unconscious level, you will see an end to destructive cycles and behaviours and quickly experience the profound guidance system you carry within yourself and the wisdom you have for taking back your power. This power is the power of choice, the choice of how you want to live this life and with it comes the freedom to be truly who you were born to be.

Working with a certified NTHP or "Soul R-cognition" facilitator will help you
 to unfreeze and untangle yourself from any negativity or trauma that maybe 
looping within you.


  • Chronic pain
  • Chronic Conditions
  • Weight issues
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Fear
  • Addiction
  • Unsatisfactory Relationships
  • Poor Self Confidence
  • Poor Self Esteem
  • Creative Stagnation
  • Financial Concerns
This hidden realm inside of us is a mysterious land, but it is ours. It is not necessary to be fearful of it. Explore the incredible wisdom you carry.
Explore the depth of knowledge you have within. Realize – you know far more than you ‘think’ you do’.
  • Slogan Slogan - Soul Re-Cognition: Free yourself from your pastYour gifts, passions and purpose ignited; your ultimate self revealed.
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    We are located in North Vancouver, But One on One Sessions are mainly done online via Zoom (a Skype like program). You can be anywhere in the world, in the comfort of your own home.

How do I know Soul Re-Cognition is for me?
The only way to find out is to try it out. We know this.... That is why we offer an Introductory Session - a 90 minute session with a trained SRC Facilitator. The cost is $49, but is reimbursed to you should you decide to sign up for a package of sessions.
How does the process work?
All the answers for your healing come from within you. Through a combination or Right/Left Brain exercises and guided meditations, you will bring the sub-conscious into consciousness. you will gain access to the vast knowledge, wisdom, and light that has been buried underneath past experiences and erroneous beliefs that continue to be active within you. SRC provides you with safe and direct access to the restrictive programing running in your sub-conscious and helps you re-align with your true nature af ease, harmony and creativity that is only found in the present moment.

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